Guide to Factoring

How does Champion’s program work?

Your company completes a service or delivers a product. You then invoice your customer in the amount to be charged. You provide a copy of this invoice along with documentation that job is complete, service rendered or product delivered evidenced by customer representative signature.

We advance the agreed upon percentage, usually 80% of the face amount of the invoice and the 20% is held in reserve until customer pays to Champion Lock box or account. Upon receipt of collected funds, the 20% not advanced initially is advance less fees and interest.

Terms and Rates

We require a 1-year contract and establish a line of credit for your company.

We are a relationship oriented company and do not engage in “Spot Factoring” or Purchase Order Financing.

Champion Financial Corporation is an independent company and is the Funding source.

We have more flexibility than most conventional lenders and can focus on Management, growth potential and quality of collateral rather than balance sheets.

Our guidelines for prospective clients include companies that are startups, rapidly growing companies, turnaround situations, highly leveraged, previous bankruptcies, DIP situations and can with Internal Revenue Service under certain circumstances with companies with tax liens.

We service a broad base of industries, service companies, freight carriers, temporary employment companies, distributions, manufactures, contractors. However, we do not advance on Consumer accounts, only business to business.


Champion serves companies located in the Southeastern United States.